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Spaying and Neutering

Caring for pets is a must and part of that is making sure that you take the time to get them spayed and neutered. Spaying and neutering your pets is so much more than just keeping your pets from having babies, it can affect their health in many more ways. 


What is Spaying and Neutering?

Spaying is the surgical removal of the female reproductive organs of a pet. This is often the removal of either the ovaries and the uterus, or just the uterus. This is going to prevent a female animal from becoming pregnant and from having any babies at all. Neutering is the surgical removal of the testicles from a male animal. This will prevent your male animals from having babies with any female.

Why is Spaying and Neutering Important?

Aside from just keeping your pets from having more babies, spaying and neutering helps to prevent a huge range of medical conditions like testicular cancer in males, cysts and tumors in females and so much more. These are all preventable medical conditions. If your pet is spayed you can prevent the uterus from getting infected and from causing your pet a great deal of pain and suffering that can ultimately lead to death.

Spaying and neutering also helps to prevent certain undesirable behaviors that you may notice in your pets. Males that tend to mark things, to be aggressive, or to hump can experience a drastic decrease in these behaviors if they are neutered. Females are not going to want to run away or go missing when they are in heat because they will not go into heat. Also, pets that have been spayed and neutered are going to be calmer and are also going to be more loving which is a huge benefit for those that do want to make sure their pet has the best chance at fitting into the home.

Those pets that are spayed and neutered are also going to be a bit more docile and are going to get along with other animals so if you do have more than one pet, spaying and neutering can help them to get along better overall.

Spaying and neutering your pet is a surgical procedure so it is important that you find a vet that you trust. Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center in the Winnipeg area is a great option for all your spay & neuter needs. They have other veterinarian services as well so they can care for your pet both during and after the perce. Spaying and neutering is not only great for pets, it is great for the humans that care for them as well.  

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