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Puppy Care

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Whether you've recently adopted a puppy or plan on doing so in the near future, having a Winnipeg veterinarian you can trust with your new pet's health and wellness needs is a must. At Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre, we provide all the puppy care services your growing pup will need to live a happy and healthy life!

Health and Wellness Exams for Your Puppy

One of the first things we recommend you do when you bring your new puppy home is call our office to schedule your puppy's first health and wellness exam in our office. This is important even if your puppy was recently vetted by a shelter or adoption agency. For starters, seeing us for a wellness exam allows our veterinary team to get to know your puppy early on, which can make for more enjoyable visits for your dog later in life. Furthermore, these early appointments help us to establish a baseline for your pet's overall health! Generally, we recommend annual health and wellness exams for adult pets, but puppies and kittens may benefit from twice-annual exams during that first year due to the amount of growth and development their bodies are undergoing.

The Importance of Puppy Vaccinations

In addition to routine health and wellness exams, we encourage you to keep your new pet up to date on all puppy vaccinations. The purpose of these vaccinations is to establish immunity for your pet against certain viruses and illnesses, including rabies. Even if your pet received updated puppy shots shortly before you brought him or her home, there's a good chance that your new pet will be due for additional puppy shots within the first few months of life. Staying up to date on these vaccinations is key to protecting your pet's health and wellness.

When you come into our office, we encourage you to bring your pet's most recent vaccination paperwork (it is likely with you adoption paperwork) so we can determine which vaccines your puppy may need. Some of the more common vaccinations recommended for puppies include:

  • Rabies
  • Parvovirus
  • Canine influenza
  • Lyme
  • Bordatella

Once your puppy receives his or her vaccinations, we'd also be happy to provide you with an updated vaccination schedule so you can know which additional vaccines will be needed and when!

Schedule an Appointment with Our Winnipeg Veterinary Team

If you're interested in scheduling your puppy's first appointment with our Winnipeg veterinary team or would like to find out more about our services offered for puppies and dogs alike, give us a call today. You can reach Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre at (204) 452-0911.

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