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Pet Nutrition

Pets are often very interested in what their owners eat; however, they have specific nutritional needs that should be honored as you choose what they are fed. Cats have very specific nutritional needs, while dog nutrition has altogether different considerations. Good dog food for your dog depends on their age and current state of health. In some cases, specialized nutrition or diet dog food may be required to support optimal health. Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre offers pet nutrition advice from our Winnipeg veterinarians to make sure your pets are properly nourished

overhead view of a dog eating food out of his bowl after pet nutrition counseling from his Winnipeg veterinarian

Demystifying Cat and Dog Nutrition 

Cat and dog nutrition can vary based on the breed and size of the pet. Small dogs that lead a fairly sedentary life will only require around 250 calories to support them. However, larger dogs can require as much as an average male human per day – 2,000 calories or more – to best support their nutritional needs. 

Protein should comprise around 18 to 20% of a dog’s diet, and around 12% from fat. The rest should come from healthy carbohydrates and vegetable nutrition. Good dog food strikes this perfect balance for dog nutrition; however, in some cases, diet dog food will be required to support your dog’s optimal health.

Is Your Cat Getting Enough Protein?

The average cat requires around 300 calories per day to support their ideal weight. Cats need higher amounts of protein than dogs – around 35 to 40% – for optimal health. They also require healthy fats and just a small amount of carbohydrates for their ideal nutrition.

Senior Pet Nutrition Changes

Of course, different phases of life and differing health conditions can call for a variation in your pet’s diet over the course of their lifetime. Senior pets may have different nutritional needs, especially if they have a health condition such as heart disease or an inflammatory condition. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out cat and dog nutrition all on your own. At Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital, we’re your resource for nutritional advice for your pet at all phases of life. We can also offer insights into what pet food brands and varieties will suit your pet best depending on their current age and needs.

Your Winnipeg Veterinarian Offers Expert Nutritional Counseling

Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre is your source for both routine and specialized veterinary care. It is our passion to bring a higher quality of life to dogs and cats of all ages, from the puppy and kitten phase to their senior years. We bring a combination of professionalism and compassion to our veterinary services. Whether you’re seeking advice about cat or dog nutrition, insights about diet dog food and cat food, or you just want help selecting a good dog food or ideal cat food for your pet, we can help. Contact us for advice and insight into pet nutrition by calling (204) 452-0911.

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