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Pet Eye Infections FAQ

Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital And Wellness Center Answers Pet Eye Infection FAQs

Eye infections are a common problem in pets. They can occur because of injuries to the eyes or exposure to bacteria and viruses. Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center in Winnipeg, MB can provide prompt and effective care for eye infection symptoms. Here are a few frequently asked pet eye infection questions we encounter.

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What Are the Symptoms of a Pet Eye Infection?

Common symptoms of an eye infection are redness, swelling of the eyes, discharge from the eyes that can range from clear to yellowish or green, and frequent blinking. Animals often paw at the eye or rub their faces against the carpet. The third eyelid may be visible. Some breeds of dogs with prominent eyes often have a number of eye problems, such as discharge, eyelid problems or injury, which can make them more susceptible to infection.

How Are Pet Eye Infections Diagnosed?

Your veterinarian will visually examine the eye and may do a test to measure tear production. The vet will also do tests on ocular pressure and will dilate the animal’s eyes to view the internal eye structures. Corneal staining looks for ulcers or other damage to the cornea, and a bacterial culture may be done to determine the type of infection. These tests will help to pinpoint the source of the problem and will indicate if more serious underlying conditions are present.

Why Is Prompt Treatment of Eye Infections Important?

If your pet shows signs of an eye infection, you should make an appointment with your Winnipeg veterinarian immediately to have it examined and treated. Eye infections can be a symptom of more serious problem and should be carefully evaluated by a veterinary professional. In addition, owners should not try to treat pet eye infections themselves, with over-the-counter remedies. Some of these compounds can cause damage to animals eyes. Your vet will provide the appropriate medication to clear up your pet’s eye problem quickly.

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