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Preventative Dog and Cat Exam Services from our Winnipeg Veterinarian

Kitten and PuppyHow healthy is your pet? A wet nose and a shiny coat may be positive signs, but you can't tell the state of your pet's wellness simply by watching for obvious problems. Pets face a variety of potential health challenges at different stages of their lives, and the best way to tackle these challenges is by warding them as early on as possible. That's why our Winnipeg veterinarian at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre offers preventative dog and cat exam services to catch and address such issues.

The Benefits of Wellness Exams

Just as humans can unknowingly develop a wide range of health problems, pets are vulnerable to internal and external diseases and disorders, some of which won't be apparent immediately. Issues such as heartworm, hypertension, diabetes, and various types of cancer may hide from obvious view until they reach an advanced stage -- at which point they can be extremely difficult to treat.

Periodic wellness exams allow us to check every part of your pet to make certain there are no lurking diseases, and to provide earliest possible treatment for anything we do find. Wellness exams also serve as opportunities to administer preventative treatments or regimens so your pet will have lower odds of developing such problems in the first place.

A Typical Exam at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre

A typical pet wellness exam at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre will include:

  • Monitoring/recording of vital signs
  • Weighing
  • Eye and ear examination
  • Oral/dental evaluation and tooth cleaning
  • Blood, urine, and fecal testing to check for internal diseases or infestations
  • Skin examination
  • Evaluation of your pet's behavior, function, and sensory/cognitive ability
  • Wellness essentials such as vaccinations, booster shots, nutritional counseling, and microchipping (to aid in locating missing pets)

While most wellness exams occur annually, baby animals and geriatric pets usually require more frequent appointments. A preventative pet exam will also emphasize different things at different times in an animal's life. For baby animals, procedures such as de-working and multiple rounds of vaccinations are especially critical; these services are typically performed during your pet's wellness exam. Senior pets need extra focus on internal and external evaluations to detect cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and other age-related ailments. Obesity can also become more of a worry as your pet becomes more sedentary. We can provide valuable advice and guidance for you throughout your precious pet's life.

Schedule a Preventative Pet Exam Today

Any time is a smart time to schedule a preventative pet exam. If your pet is due for an exam, call (204) 452-0911 to set up an appointment!

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