Dermatology FAQ's

Pet dermatology is the specialized care of your pet and their skin as well as any issues that your pet may have. It can mean care for their skin in general, care for specific skin conditions, or diagnosis of skin issues. Pet dermatology can be any range of skin issues from persistent rash, allergies on the skin, skin infections or even a rash or other skin issue that you have no real idea where it came from. A pet dermatologist can help with any skin issues.


Why might my pet need a dermatologist?

A pet can need a dermatologist for a few different reasons. For starters, if your pet has persistent skin issues or does have a skin problem that you notice and that you see, you do need to have them looked at. A veterinarian that is also a dermatologist can help you to diagnose skin issues like fleas, rashes, skin infections and so much more.

Can a veterinary dermatologist prescribe medication?

If your veterinary dermatology professional does find that your pet has a skin infection, that they might need to be prescribed an antibiotic or cream, they can certainly prescribe the medication that your pet needs to feel better and to get healthy.

What animals can a pet dermatologist treat?

These medical professionals can take care of any pet that has skin as silly as that sounds. They can treat dogs, cats, horses, reptiles and so much more and can help your pet to get the care that they need in concerns to their skin issues and their skin problems that they might be dealing with.

Can a pet dermatologist diagnose allergies?

If your veterinary dermatologist notices that your pet seems to have a skin allergy, they can certainly diagnose these allergies and can then suggest an appropriate course of treatment for your pet.

Do all pets need dermatology services?

Not all pets are going to benefit from dermatology services. You might find that if your pet is having persistent problems that cannot be resolved by your normal vet that you need to take them to a specialist. Your vet will be able to let you know if you need to take them to a specialist or if you can just bring them to the normal vet for treatment.

Is a veterinary dermatologist considered a specialist?

A veterinary dermatologist is considered a specialist and you will likely need to have a referral from your vet. If you need to take your pet to a dermatologist and you are located in Winnipeg, Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center is a great option.   

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