Coughing & Sneezing

Coughing & Sneezing

A cat or dog that has frequent bouts of Coughing & Sneezing is a concern for their owner. Contacting Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre in Winnipeg to meet with our veterinarian is the best way to determine why a pet is suffering from these symptoms. Here is some information about coughing and sneezing in pets and how our veterinarian can help if your pet is experiencing this type of difficulty.

your pet is Coughing & Sneezing on a frequent basis

Why A Pet May Cough Or Sneeze

A pet with excessive coughing or sneezing sessions could be suffering from an allergic reaction. This is often the result of environmental triggers such as pollen or dust. It could also be caused by an allergy to a chemical, such as an ingredient in a pet grooming supply. Pet's suffering from a food allergy may also have coughing and sneezing occur in addition to digestive troubles. If your pet has a respiratory infection, coughing and sneezing may be accompanied by a discharge from the eyes, lethargy, or a loss of appetite.

How To Help Your Pet At Home

A pet that coughs or sneezes often should be monitored to determine whether it is suffering from other symptoms of an allergy or cold as well. Monitor your pet's actions to see if they are displaying behavioral changes or if they seem as if they are suffering from pain or discomfort. If symptoms do not subside within a day or so, it is best to call our veterinarian to make an appointment for a full evaluation fo your pet's medical condition.

When waiting for an appointment time to arrive, keep your pet in a comfortable area and make sure they have access to plenty of water in case they are suffering from a virus. Take notation of food intake and consider bringing a stool sample to your pet's appointment so tests can be run to check for medical problems.

What Our Veterinarian Will Do To Help

Your pet will have a complete examination when you bring it to our facility for a checkup with our veterinarian. Our vet will check for signals that your pet is suffering from an allergic reaction. If this is determined, recommendations will be made regarding treatment for the condition and our vet will help you pinpoint the trigger causing distress. If your pet has a respiratory infection, medication will be administered to treat the problem effectively.

Contact Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre Today!

Contact Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre in Winnipeg to make an appointment with our veterinarian if your pet is Coughing & Sneezing on a frequent basis. Reach our practice by calling us at (204) 452-0911 to find out more information or to find out about scheduling availability with our vet.

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