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Dog Dangers to Avoid This Summer

Dog Dangers to Avoid This Summer: Life Saving Tips From Your Manitoba Vet

The dog days of summer are here and you and your canine pal are ready for fun in the sun. Before you hit the beach, take a vacation or even go for that daily walk, prepare yourself and your pup for the season's hazards. Knowing the dog dangers to avoid this summer can save a life. But because accidents do happen, Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre, your trusted Manitoba vet, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Insects and Parasites Dangerous to Dogs in Manitoba

Summer is great for taking long morning walks and exploring new territory on vacations, but this time outside makes your dog more susceptible to insects and parasites dangerous to dogs in Manitoba. Fleas will not only make your dog crazy with itch, but they can also cause tapeworms. Mosquito bites can cause dangerous heartworm, while ticks spread Lyme disease. The good news is, parasites don't have to bite. Parasite prevention medication for dogs can ward off fleas, mosquitos and ticks.

Your dog may love to chase and eat flying insects likes bees and wasps, but bee and wasp bites can cause life-threatening allergic reactions. If your dog is struggling to breathe or has swelling from a possible sting, immediately take him into our Winnipeg vet. Call ahead so we can meet you at the door with the epinephrine shot. In some cases, bites from fire ants can also cause an allergic reaction, and in all cases, they are painful to your pet. If the bites are minor, we are happy to advise you on an at-home soothing antihistamine solution, but if the bites are numerous or causing further problems, seek immediate treatment at our emergency vet.

Summer Water and Sun Hazards for Dogs

Summer sun is one of the most dangerous hazards for dogs because dogs can overheat so quickly. Many dogs love car rides, but dogs should never be left alone in cars in the summer. Even with the windows down, the temperature can rise by 10 degrees every 10 minutes. That means your dog can overheat while you take a quick trip inside the store. Especially on dog's with thin coats, summer sun can cause sunburn, and on all dogs, the heat can burn their paws. If the ground is too hot for your barefoot feet, it's too hot for your dog. Avoid the heat taking morning or night walks.

Dogs are known for being strong swimmers, but it's important to watch your dog anytime she's in the water. Make sure your dog has an easy exit from the water, and use a life jacket in deep water. Discourage your pup from drinking swimming water; chlorinated water can cause diarrhea and vomiting, while fresh water is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and organisms. And if you're at the beach, discourage your pooch from going crazy in the sand. Sand can get in the eyes and nose, and when too much is eaten, cause stomach upset.

Emergency Vet Care in Winnipeg, Manitoba

When the bee stings or when the ants bites, Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre is always open to provide state-of-the art emergency vet care in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For appointments or advice, call us today at (204) 452-0911. Our office is conveniently located at 100-350 North Town Road, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0Y4, Canada.

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