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​When Should I Spay or Neuter my Dog?

Winnipeg veterinarian with a Labrador puppy after a dog neuter procedure

When Should I Spay or Neuter my Dog? Advice from our Winnipeg Veterinarians

Procedures to sterilize dogs and cats are so popular that vets run spay and neuter clinics on a regular basis. Even so, it's common to have questions about the procedure. One of the most common questions our Winnipeg veterinarians receive is when pet owners should spay or neuter their dog.

The Best Time to Spay a Dog

While this procedure can be done at any age, having it done before the first heat cycle brings the most benefits. This is because doing it early prevents the hormonal shift that can increase the chance of breast cancer and other disorders. It also prevents the development of hormone-driven behaviors that would otherwise become learned-in habits.

Of course, spaying prevents pregnancy at all ages, so if a dog had attained sexual maturity, it's still a good idea to go ahead and have it done. Other benefits that are gained at all ages include the cessation of heat cycles and the stoppage of the associated drawing of male suitors.

What About Neutering?

Like spaying, neutering can be done at any age, but it is best to have it done during early puppyhood. This prevents behaviors like urinary marking from becoming ingrained habits.

Dog Spaying and Neutering Costs

The cost of spaying and neutering depends on things like the dog's age, breed, size, and the presence or absence of any unusual factors (such as undescended testicles). Overall, the price to spay or neuter your dog will be less than the long term costs associated with taking care of puppy litters.

Get In Touch With Our Winnipeg Veterinarians Today

To have your dog spayed or neutered, just make an appointment with us here at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital & Wellness Centre in Winnipeg, Ontario. Our number is (204) 452-0911.


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