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Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

Signs Your Pet Has Allergies: Tips from Your Winnipeg Veterinarian

From the foods they eat to fleas that bite, cats and dogs can be allergic to any number of things, and sometimes pets do not develop these allergies until later in life. Allergies can cause chronic irritation in our animal friends, and in some cases, have dangerous consequences. Treatment starts with identifying the trigger and symptoms. Learn the signs your pet has allergies with these tips from your Winnipeg veterinarian at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre.

Common Environmental Pet Allergies in Winnipeg

As much as cats and dogs love to roll in the grass and play outside, this playtime can contribute to a pet's seasonal allergies. Common environmental pet allergies in Winnipeg include trees, weeds, pollen, mold, dust, and even odors, such as perfumes and cigarette smoke. Additionally, pets can have a skin reaction to flea bites. We can test for these allergies and provide medication, such as an antihistamine, to manage the symptoms.

Signs of Environmental Pet Allergies:

  • Scratching, itching
  • Red inflamed or infected skin
  • Hair Loss
  • Excessive paw licking or chewing
  • Scooting, anal licking
  • Sneezing, coughing
  • Ear infections (often noticed by head shaking)
  • Breathing difficulty

Food Allergies in Cats and Dogs

A food your pet has happily munched down before with no problem can suddenly start causing the animal trouble. Unfortunately, diagnosing food allergies is difficult and requires an elimination diet. Our Winnipeg veterinarian will start your animal on a bland diet containing none of the ingredients present in the previous diet. Over time, you will introduce the old ingredients and watch for a reaction.

Reactions to Food Allergies:

  • Diarrhea, vomiting, gas
  • Ear inflammation
  • Licking or biting paws
  • Head and neck scratching
  • Anal itching

Treatment for Pet Allergies at Our Veterinarian in Winnipeg

We here at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre offer 24-hour immediate care as well as on-going treatment for pet allergies. If your pet has a severe allergic reaction, such as breathing difficulty or excessive vomiting, bring them to our veterinarian in Winnipeg for emergency care. For an allergy appointment, call us today at (204) 452-0911.

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